Smoothie Blenders Might Be Your Biggest Health (And Time Saving) Life Hack

While there’s tons on the market to choose from, smoothie blenders are becoming common in many households. They’re generally affordable and offer the ability to quickly whip up smoothies….but they’re also a great way to shortcut your meal prep if your work schedule is getting a bit hectic.

I just spent 10 minutes in the kitchen and prepped plenty of vegetarian eats (since I’m currently on a diet and trying to stick to more nutrient-dense foods) that will totally agree with the teens and partner alike. It took me far longer to prep and finish this post!

I made:

  • My breakfast smoothie (spinach, orange, lime, apple, honey and a bit of water)
  • Dinner for the kids,since they’ll be with their dad at work at dinnertime (spinach and basil soup with coconut milk, cilantro, sea salt, stewed tomato, raw onion and a touch of lime)
  • Snack for my partner and myself (carrot sticks and melba toast with a spinach and chickpea dip made with ginger, cayenne, olive oil and raw onion)
  • Pasta sauce for rice noodles that I’ll prepare for dinner for my partner and I (coconut milk, basil, chia seeds, sea salt)
  • And my partner and I will have our Diet Fuel shakes for lunch.

While this all sounds very green (and possibly bland to some), I was able to quickly throw together plenty of flavorful and healthy eats without any of the stress of sitting over a stove or doing excessive meal prep. The most time consuming parts were peeling the lime and orange (which I did with a knife) and rinsing out the cups after I transferred the products to containers. This saved me, realistically, at least an hour or two of time in the kitchen that could be better utilized elsewhere.

And mind you, this doesn’t have to only be used for vegetarian meals. You can prep a lot of things quickly with health and budget in mind- it’s on you to get creative about it. It’s the perks of cooking from scratch without all of the hassle.

If you use this in conjunction with a meal prep schedule, you can knock out more meals well in advance, which leaves you more time to focus on your work and your family without compromising what they’re consuming.

Looking for some healthy foodie inspiration? Check out Nicole Michelles for some great menu planning ideas and healthy alternatives.


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