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It’s easy to get seduced into the idea of chasing money. I’m well aware of it, and I’ve been there. It’s also easy to get sucked into the vicious cycle of feeling like you’re living to work, rather than working to live.

If you’re working to the point where you’re failing to maintain your basic human connections or keep “postponing” quality time with family or loved ones, then you need to take a step back and find some fresh balance. Oftentimes I see people breaking their backs to work to keep their heads above water, but also there’s the folks that will break their backs to simply accumulate. That’s great if you can, but what is it for, exactly?

It can be especially tricky when you’re working from home, because work is never far away. I’ve found myself finding more excuses to work and less effort to actually take time to do the things I loved, like reading and traveling. There was a point where I simply couldn’t afford to do some things, but the things that really would bring me joy cost little to none.

That’s something that is important to remember, even if you struggle to make ends meet (regardless of the workstyle you have). You should always block off some time to do something that brings you joy and make sure you are dedicating time to focus on quality time with the family, your friends, or your passions…..but avoid the additional screen time.

This doesn’t always have to be about spending money. Quality time could be curling up with your favorite book, or spending an extra half hour playing with your dogs in the yard. It can be tackling a new recipe for dinner with the kids so you can all learn together, or investing time into a small project around the house you’ve been stalling on.

Sure, you an work relentlessly and amass and buy all the fun things. You can have a “sleep when you’re dead” ¬†mindset and convince yourself that you’re busting ass now so you can relax later. But at the same time, are you really living? Are you missing out on priceless moments, quality of health, even possibly the love of your life? In the end, is the money really worth the one thing you can’t replace: time?

It’s important to establish ourselves and provide- there’s no doubt about that. It’s important to handle core responsibilities. But always remember to maintain the humanity and seek inspiration to balance the hustle out. The relationships you form and the experiences are what make life worth living, no matter how simple you might think they are at the time.

Life is meant to live proactively. Our time isn’t guaranteed. Make the most of it!


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