Don’t Fall For The Scams!

Working from home was long treated as the unicorn of employment: beautiful, somewhat believable, but no one saw something real emerge from it. For decades there have been ads claiming you could make loads of money with no effort- much like companies that would promote weight loss without dieting or exercise. Short version: a lot of what we’d see was BS. 

But times have changed considerably! There are actual companies seeking qualified talent to join their ranks, and this handy guide will give you a head start on how to tell the real from the fake. 

MLM’s- Just don’t. 

Oftentimes you might see people (even friends and family) gushing about a great “opportunity” to make a bunch of money utilizing social media or something else that’s prevented as effortless. Let’s be honest- multi-level marketing has been around for ages and depends on the ability for you to prey on others and sell something that either doesn’t work nor exist…..and often with a chunk of change invested on your behalf. Don’t fall for this timeless trap.


Although this might not apply to once-off gigs that involve a single project, credible companies that are looking for hourly work should responsibly screen and interview anyone that they are looking to hire. If they are not looking to have a voice or video interview, nix them. Even if it’s a verifiable company, it doesn’t bode well if they don’t show some level of professionalism and standards to ensure that you, the applicant, are what they are looking for outside of “what’s on paper”.

Do They Exist?

A job listing should include the name of the company. Before you invest time in applying, dedicate time towards doing some simple research. Do they have a professional website? Are there any reviews? Do they exist in social media? Basically, a little research can help suss out if the company looks legitimate. With the power of the interwebz this isn’t a very difficult thing to do.

No Down Payment Required

Basically if a company requires you pay up front in order to make money, run away. They should be the ones investing in you. This also ties into the MLM schemes that often float around still.


Bottom line- awareness is key. If it sounds too good to be true, take a moment to actually do your research. Sometimes you might get a great opportunity with ease; I have before. But proceed with caution and make sure it’s not a smokescreen for someone just out for money or your information.



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